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4) If the work thread add new rows to the Data Table, then the new row will not shown on the Data Grid.This is very big problem for us, can you fix them asap?ODV also supports the net CDF format and lets you explore and visualize CF, COARDS, GDT and CDC compliant net CDF datasets.This works with net CDF files on your local machine as well as with remote net CDF files served by an OPe NDAP server. Various global or regional high-resolution coastline and topography resources can be installed via the View Settings option.ODV graphics output can be send directly to printers or may be exported to Post Script, gif, png, or jpg files.The resolution of exported graphics files is specified by the user and not limited by the pixel resolution of the screen.ODV runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and UNIX (Solaris, Irix, AIX) systems.

We do not want to do a complete page refresh, we want it in an ajax way.Please see if there is a newer thread on the subject and ensure you're using the most recent build of any software if your question regards a particular product. 11, 2013 nightly build and we found the following problem: 1) Binding the Data Grid with Data Table.Default View 2) A work thread is updating the Data Table 3) For the existing rows, if any cell value changed, it will update, which is good.The UNESCO Ocean Teacher project employs ODV as one of its main analysis and display tools.In addition, ODV is used as visualization tool for the Pangaea information system.

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This blog describes how you can update List View data and modify the css for each cell. As a List View is a repeater, we cannot updated it, but we can update components in a List View.

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