Red flag list dating

If you just want to hook up when you're drunk, and he wants the same, then more power to you both.

Or does he humblebrag about his former sexual conquests, like he doesn't have a clue how that might make you feel?

But, a guy who is openly mean as hell to his family is one we should all probably stay far away from.

My sister used to date a guy who threw a Coke on his mom because she was “being a bitch."Needless to say, she walked away right then and there.

Because if that doesn’t scream, "I degrade women," I don’t know what does.

This is obviously awful, and I can confidently say it's a red flag for any person, man or woman.

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Nothing is more unattractive, selfish and careless than a person who perpetually “forgets" his wallet.

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