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The first of these tools is the Application Profiler Tool.

This tool runs on a desktop or an RDSH Server in lieu of the UEM Agent.

So I'll phrase the same situation differently: not having other projects pointlessly trying to compete with glibc is how open source should work (but often doesn't).

If you've been around the open source world for a while, you've seen more than one project that was apparently started because people couldn't just pick one thing to focus all their effort on but had to find some small difference that 'justified' a whole second project with a whole second set of work being done, to very little overall net gain.

The agent consumes these configuration files from the configuration share during logon and logoff, and it saves the application or Windows settings configuration when the application is closed or when the user logs off, and it stores them on the user data share as a ZIP file.

The UEM Agent also includes a few other optional tools.

Instead, we basically have glibc and then a number of other libcs with different goals that are explicitly not trying to be direct replacements or competitors with glibc.

For once, almost all of the development effort that's going to a crucial layer of Linux is working on a single project, not being spread over a bunch of competitors.

UEM also includes a couple of additional tools to assist administrators with maintaining environment.

Given yesterday's entry about glibc and the Linux API, it's hard to avoid concluding that glibc is basically a monoculture in Linux, with no real competition or alternative.

Initially I expected to be unhappy about this since I have a reflexive dislike of monocultures, but after thinking about it more, I think that glibc's monoculture is actually not a bad thing.

(Okay, there's also politics, personalities, and sometimes licensing.

Linux has never been an antiseptic and purely technical place, not that the BSDs have been either.) Given that Linux has several graphical desktops (with libraries and a collection of programs) and religious wars over init systems, there's no obvious reason why we wouldn't also have multiple competing standard C libraries.

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Users invest time into personalizing their environment by setting a desktop background, creating an Outlook signature, or configuring the applications to connect to the correct datasets, and the ability to retain these settings make users more productive because they don’t have to recreate these every time they log in or open the application. Microsoft Roaming Profiles have been around for a long time.

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