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I can only see this technology getting smaller and smaller too until one day it fits within a 2.5 mm x 2 mm space.The next technology that would be needed will be some sort of power supply that is renewable and persistent.But it is pretty obvious that people who want to create GPS tracking cell phones are going to look for a small GPS chip.They want to conserve space inside their phone so that they can make is as slim and sleek as possible.That is 0.09843 inches x 0.07874 inches for all those who live in countries that still use the inefficient imperial system.

Our ability to understand the movements of our companions here on this earth would grow at an incredibly pace.

This is technology that is already being made smaller and smaller.

Today there are watches, which are much smaller than cell phones, that have the ability to make phone calls over the wireless networks that dot the countrysides of the world.

This type of technology would also make these GPS tracking chips for children too.

In fact, it would probably enable a future society to be able to know the exact location of every person in the world at the exact same time!

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One is that this technology can be used to help people keep track of their pets.

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