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You can even chat online with our representatives for further assistance. and A Still ghetto with de mind of a needle Quicker than a cheetah Draw nine millimeter up Grab a man's chain If I get shifty, never in vain Ain't life, but I stay in de game Yeah, the prodicial's the same "Ain't we all a little? Matter of fact, get off de track I'm too classy to go back-to-back Wiv your average hood-rats What you know about markin' yer game Up yer walls? " Cause yer unknown and fake Cause yer bound to hate Dey wanna beee like us!The money means that the decade-long search can continue until at least March next year.Described as an aggressive behavior involving real or perceived balance of power or strength, bullying behavior can be seen in both men and women.Similar to physical aggression, relational aggression, that is defined as intentionally hurting another person through nonphysical injury to or damaging relationships, is often not detected by parents and teachers and can have lifelong repercussions.While boys who bully indulge in behaviors including name calling, damaging personal property or stealing personal items, which are more physical; girls can be quietly vicious with each other by employing emotional violence, including alienating their victims or making them feel alone, deliberate exclusions, spreading rumors to harass their peers, and making groups to pick and choose their victims at random.With August being observed as the Don’t Be a Bully Month across the United States, one should pay close attention to the signs of relational aggression and treat it as seriously as physical aggression.A parent should look for signs of bullying in children in the way they interact with others.

An educational issue in school and an awareness issue at the workplace, care needs to be taken to stop all instances of relational aggression.

It has won over 30,000 retweets so far but there is a strong reason to suspect the jesting student might not be the person she claims.

Maddie disappeared while on a family holiday in Portugal in 2007 when she was just three-years-old.

The ones who are more likely to get away with it are often the most socially adept ones.

Some of the female bullying behaviors include bad mouthing and spreading rumors, indulging in sarcasm and intimidation through shouting or silent treatment, among others.

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As female victims of bullying are more likely to suffer from psychological distress, substance abuse and eating disorders, there is an urgent need to recognize the scale and gravity of relational bullying and take urgent action.

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