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I’m starting to notice the selection of quality men is starting to dwindle and there’s a larger range of men who just want to “make new friends.” Riiiiiight, I see that shiny ring on your finger.

Nycole says: I agree with Brandy, the quality has started to dwindle.

“Every relationship needs to be 'serious',” someone said.

“When you get older every new date more and more reminds me of a job interview.” That being said, there are some real positives to dating in your thirties too.

Like it’s probably not healthy to disengage from the people around you, but on the flip side I never have to wear makeup to Trader Joe’s again.

Brandy says: Ok Cupid used to be the hook-up site, and for the most part, it still is, but they have figured out the profiling thing pretty well and I’ve met a few great people from it.

When I start to exchange emails with someone, I like to pretty quickly take it to the phone and text.

Make sure you use recent photos and, most importantly, let people know what you’re looking for out of the site. Let people pass you by if you’re not for them; don’t con them into giving you attention by saying what they want to hear.

But that gap is closing in, as more and more people are taking advantage of technology to find love, deep conversation, or “new friends.” (Yeah, we’re not buying that one either, boys.) To say that dating has been flipped upside down, doused in gasoline and set afire next to a Redwood on the hottest day in summer is an understatement. As a bunch of avid daters and technology savvy women, we all have dipped a toe (or two feet) into online dating.

Here’s our words of wisdom to guide you to online dating success.

I also always try to get them on Face Time or Skype to make sure they’re real so I’m not wasting my time. Then you get frustrated because your love life didn’t change, it just got virtual, and you leave it, denouncing it forever, only to return when you ask yourself, “Wait, when’s the last time I went on a real date?

” It has taken dating and opened up an opportunity to expand your selection; at the same time it has made us secret profile stalking, e-dating cowards.

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Particularly, men were keen to point out the influx of single mums on the market.

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