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Alcoholic dating site

I was not court mandated, but I felt it was the best thing for me. he hasnt touched a drink since early knows he can control it.... hence why he gave up coz it really wasnt doing anything for him as he would push himself to see how much he could drink in a day... i use to go out and party 6 days out of the 7 before i had my son.... He seems like he has a good head on his shoulders, and would be able to control himself in the future. let him know he doesnt have to do it alone if he doesnt want too... There are many different variations as to each alcoholic's life.

It has shown me a different way to live life on life's terms. There are so many misconceptions of alcoholism and AA in general. but he always knew that he didnt want to slip back to his old habit..the time we have been back together 9months now.. he knows he can drink and then not have anything for months on end.... the next day see if he could do more then the day before.... I'm glad to hear about others challenges in this area, and what has been done to work through the problem. go to places that dont serve alcohol if possible.... he has to totally get that urge out of his system before even thinking of picking up a glass... he was never tempted to go and place a order at the bar... Going to an open AA meeting may be WAY TOO MUCH for a particular partner.

i knew he liked going out and having a beer to unwind from a stressful day at work... A true alcoholic never "learns how to drink" normally. it would probably be best to date someone who is not an alcoholic trying to better him/herself. I know its a harsh judgement, but Id be a nervous wreck and overreacting all the time in fear of him drinking...

An alcoholic, who is working the program and secure with his or her sobriety, can very well be with someone who drinks. i decided I would just refrain from putting myself in that situation since it is a sensitive issue.

This is all very new to me, and him, for that matter, and I would like to talk to him about it, but, only if he is willing to share it with me. before we got back together he hadnt had a drink if 6months... I mean they must have will power, but would you offer someone who is contemplating suicide a gun?!! My mother is an alcoholic, and i was raised with it my entire life.

I've never gone to a meeting, and I wouldn't have the slightest clue on what to expect, but I know that he does have a friend that he goes with already, so it's good to know that he does have someone, besides myself, that supports him in this. when i first started dating him i didnt know how bad he actually was... When I say alcoholics can have a life and go into establishments that serve alcohol, I didn't mean they can suddenly drink alcohol non-alcoholically. I commend anyone who takes a pro-active stance on their addiction and works to overcome it. I know its an irrational thing, but I really cant trust anyone who drinks more than socially and I would always fear that theyd relapse.

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He went to get his CD's out of his glove compartment, and when the light turned green and he stepped on the gas, an Alcoholics Anonymous book came sliding out. I had a couple hints before, but he hasn't actually said anything about it to me. I have never dealt with this type of situation before. Hey I think that if he is doing it for himself that is awsome! These tournaments are usually held at clubs or pool halls where drinking takes place. Many people think that once you no longer have the desire to drink than you should/can stop going to AA meetings.

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